You can innovate in the way you interconnect your workstations in the office thanks to the possibilities offered by Bridges II Collection. Properly configuring a work area involves not only the correct arrangement of the desks but also the rest benches and their right connection with them. The collection includes a wide range of resources for your employees to work efficiently and comfortably. You can redefine the way your team performs its functions thanks to the furniture they use, something that’s especially relevant for groups working in collaborative teams focused on the same goal and constantly needing to connect people, efforts, and ideas.

The independent and integrated seating modules included in this collection help you set up the perfect platform for creating efficient environments. High-end physical resources function as catalysts that invite staff members to participate and co-create. Besides, coordination tables, energy, lighting, and privacy screens can be included. This product is ideal for use in open areas, with offices designed in a very open-concept decorative style, in line with the new design trend in work environments.

Make your office a clear example of style and performance that reflects your corporate personality through your furniture.

Bridges II Collection
Source: Global Furniture Group