If marking style and originality is usually quite a challenge, when it comes to office areas, this challenge can be even greater, since offices are characterized by showing a sober character and sometimes too serious to let creativity fly too much, to the point where an interior decorator or designer could do it in an average house or apartment. In this sense, the Factor Office Chair from Global Furniture Group is a special design since, although it largely retains the modern characteristics, functions, and aesthetic style of most office chairs, it shows a very striking particular color that differentiates it from the rest, and put that personality stamp that many people need to express.

Imagine having a chair in your office that not only looks incredibly well integrated with the color scheme of your environment, but also is an amazingly customizable piece, to which you can adjust the characteristics to your needs and make it much more friendly according to the functions you should cover. The Factor Office Chair is a great response: modern, sophisticated, reflecting your proactive and dynamic spirit, open to creativity and an uninhibited atmosphere, characteristic of cozy spaces. Some of the colors in which this piece is available are red, blue, yellow, green, pink, gray, among others.

Bring color and life to your office with the Factor Office Chairs!

Factor Office Chair
Source: HON Furniture