There is a conflict in modern life with prolonged sitting and sedentary work hours. The Freedom Chair allow us to solve it.

SOurce: Manhattan Office Design

As we all know, our body is not prepared to be static, hour after hour, seated in front of a desk and a monitor. This is a requirement of modern times, contrasting with millennials and millennials of generations living in a more active and dynamic way of life 

But for our precious body, the time hasn’t passed; and our spine, our muscles, and our bones resent the continuous strain that comes from rigidness and bad postures in a prolonged sitting. There are lots of medical research warning about the risks that come along with sedentarism. 

As the National Health Service of England indicates, there are two tips to consider if we want to prevent the potential harm to our body, of been seated too many hours daily. First of all: we must protect our spine with spinal support in our chair. Second: The chair should be adjusted to the ergonomics of our body, more exactly, the height, back position, and tilt.

A proper chair reduces the strain on your back and allows you to place your feet on the floor with comfort while keeping your eye level constant.

With this in mind, Neils Diffrient, an American designer, created for Humanscale what is now considered as the best exponent of a task chair: The Freedom Chair.

The Humanscale Freedom Chair is the closest thing to a smart chair you can get. Its self-regulatory counterbalance system allows you to recline your body keeping a constant eye level, no matter the inclination angle. Besides, you can perfectly adjust height, arms, to obtain a complete feeling of comfort.

The Freedom Task Chair removes completely all those unfunctional recline levers. Just adjust your height, sit back, and relax.

If you are definitely interested in improving your health and wellbeing, why don’t you take action and give you the opportunity to take it to your workplace? In ManhattanOfficeDesign you will find your favorite model for just a fraction of the price.