Your home office has to adapt to the way modern work is evolving. Thanks to the changes experienced in the world during the last months of the year, teleworking has become an increasingly accentuated trend and something that for many has meant a whole new modality of performing its functions productively, because they were too used to working from the traditional office. For this new professional challenge, it’s necessary to have the best equipment, including the most efficient, best-designed, and best-quality furniture on the market. The HON Ignition Chair is an example of this.

Naturally, the Home Office offers some very considerable advantages, as opposed to some disadvantages that are important to consider. Generally speaking, working from home is much cheaper than renting or leasing a business office. Besides, the results you can obtain thanks to a wonderful piece of furniture, which offers you all the adaptability and technical advantages that this piece can offer, may help you fulfill your long working hours, with the possibility of enjoying ergonomics. It’s a piece that you can adapt to the dimensions of your body.

Its adjustable lumbar support, seat control options, adjustable armrests, and synchro-tilt and lock are just some of the features that make this chair a piece worthy of becoming the star of your home office.

HON Ignition Chair
Source: The HON Company