What’s the best thing that a person working in office environments can ask for if it’s not an ergonomic, highly functional chair capable of offering a first-class experience? The HON Ignition chair is designed for that and more, as its materials, design, finishes, and functions were specially created for people who spend long hours each day in an office, sitting at a desk. It’s not only about the technical characteristics and the style, but also that the user has a pleasant experience while using this amazing piece.

In addition to being a very convenient piece due to its technical features and all the advantages it offers, including adjustable lumbar support, quick-adjustable back seat, adjustable armrests, and synchro-tilt and lock, the chair offers a smooth and pleasant experience to the touch, designed for a wide comfort, with the intention that the person can experience a pleasant and nice day. The desk chair is the object with which you have the most contact during most of the workday; therefore, it’s one of your most important work tools, and you need it to be a high-performance piece. You’ll see how this can greatly enhance your office performance.

HON Ignition Chair
Source: HON Furniture