If you run your business and take a look at the news and social media, you can get into some confusion when you see some of the current headlines: “The Office is Over”, or on the contrary, “The Return To The Office is Definitive”. You care about your company, and maybe you think there is something to improve in your place to stay with the trend, but what to do?. Let’s take a look at the state of the art of the office today, and keep in mind that Manhattan Office Design will always help you along the way.

Winds of change in the Office Landscape

Indeed, a lot of things changed in the world of office this couple of years, but at the end of 2022, you can see it with more clarity.

Your office is now smaller, but smarter, too.

The movement called the Big Resignation has been, really big. The numbers are still significant, though the trend is getting slowdown. Only in September, did 4.1 m Americans quit their jobs, while in August the number was 4.2. According to Bloomberg, there were 1,9 job openings for each resignation. This tells us that this movement is still alive. Employees are moving around, and employers are still looking to keep them.

Hybrid Working is still On The Rise

Remote work is still a high request for many workers whenever is available, and many job offers are only taken with this option on the table. According to the Littler Annual Employer Survey Report, 71% of Employees want a hybrid model work from now on, and 55% of Employers will offer an hybrid model work in 2022. Even more, there are recent failed attempts to restore the ancient order that ended with a reassurement of the corporate WFH policy.

What To Do To Keep My Business On Track?

The quick answer is not if you will go hybrid, but how hybrid you will go. As you can see, there is a good chance that some good employees ask you for a remote position from now on; and some others will just show their resignation. A flexible, smart office design has to be in your plan. Let’s take a look at some guidelines that will help you to undertake an office renovation that works for you.

Personalize your work furniture.

The standard employee of the past is gone for good. Nowadays, most offices have three (at least) types of employees: a Remote Employee, a Hybrid Employee, and In Person (regular) Employee. Each type has its own peculiarity, and if you want to get the most out of it, is important to understand how a hybrid employee, coming to the office twice a week, will need a different seating solution than a regular employee with 5 days p/ week and a daily of 8 hs of work. Take advice from the expert consultancy to set the best mix of solutions that works for you.

Leverage remodeling momentum for successful rebranding

Your employees, your products and services, and your corporate social media, all reflect your corporate image. And your office does, too. Office furniture can send a powerful message that reflects your values. When it comes to environmental awareness, many employees prefer to work in spaces where recycling and a eco-friendly design are a part of the corporate image. Your office is a key touchpoint for employees, clients, and customers.

Invest in legacy and longevity.

One smart investment will last for decades, with a perdurable sense of quality, design, and durability. Your office design can deliver a powerful message for all your employees, whether old or new, to increase their performance and meet today’s demands with the right design. Manhattan Office Design has the experienced consulting to take you successfully the whole way though.

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