The innovative proposals of the Global Furniture Group brand always try to go further and offer first-class products. In this sense, Princeton Desks are an attractive and convenient option for any office space that needs to take full advantage of the physical resources that the environment can provide. These desks have more than 1000 components that offer infinite possibilities to adapt to different spaces. These are models that can be added and reconfigured depending on the particular needs to be met, the specific functions it’s intended to fulfill, and how its storage advantages will be used.

Imagine for a moment that you have a team of more than ten employees destined to work in a room of very large proportions to carry out their daily tasks and you need to get the best out of this space in the most efficient way with the least money investment. To achieve this goal, it’s best to use resources that can be configured exactly as you require, without neglecting the decorative style that the work area will have. Some of the most significant attributes of this product will allow you to obtain great functionality and performance since you can integrate top storage and side files, roll-up glass storage doors, satin anodized handles and pulls, among many other features that will offer you great comfort and efficiency.

Princeton Desks
Source: Global Furniture Group