Humanscale Standing Desks not only are a great way to combat the effects of sitting all day on your health but they also help you increase your productivity. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

Humanscale Standing Desk

Ok, here’s the thing. Sitting can kill you, or at least that’s what the scientists are saying. We’re not saying it will kill you, but we do believe it will have an impact on your health as a person who uses office furniture. So it was about time you found out.

To try and enforce an innovative solution, some companies and individuals devised what is called a “standing desk.” The idea is that you can work while standing up. Standing desks are still a little bit like recycling: it’s a thing, but it’s not the thing. It should be widely available, but it is more of a trend (even though it seems critical to our survival).

So what if you need to convince your boss in less than 10 minutes to invest in a Humanscale Standing Desk? Don’t worry, just show him this article by Manhattan Office Design.

10 reasons to consider a Humanscale Standing Desk

10. They improve your posture because you’re usually crouching forwards while you’re sitting. We all do it, you’re not special. When you’re standing up you can force yourself to stretch outa little bit, even if you’ll still lean forward a bit.

9. Standing up, apparently, makes you less moody. I totally believe this is true, I mean, we associate the act of working with sitting down. Think about it. Standing up, on the other hand, is associated with taking a break. Enjoy the free endorphins.

8. Standing up every once in a while makes you live longer. This reason is not at a higher point in this list because there are a lot of factors involved in your lifespan than sitting, but the American Cancer Society did find that a sedentary lifestyle does take hours from your life.

7. Humanscale Standing Desks look incredibly cool. That will definitely reflect on how people perceive your brand or company.

6. There are some scientific studies that have found that standing for a few minutes, walking, just overall getting out of your cubicle for a little while increases productivity. Users who bought a standing desk for one of these studies were 45% more productive.

5. Standing desks are not as expensive as people think. They’re around $1,000, just like the quality office chair you should be buying. Office furniture is always more expensive.

4. Obviously they help you reduce chronic and occasional back pain, and neck pain.

3. A standing desk might lower the risk of you getting cancer because the more sedentary you are, the more chances of you getting any type of cancer increase, according to science.

2. Studies show that you can burn about 0.15 calories more when you’re standing than when you’re sitting (that is by just standing; without exercising). This fact gets second place because everyone is obsessed with losing weight.

1. Because you’re reading a list of reasons why you should get one. It seems like you already made up your mind. Happy shopping!