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Office Storage Cabinets

Without the proper storage solutions productivity can drastically go down on a given day, because your employees might need to start paying attention to things that they’re supposed to ignore.

An office without storage solutions can be overwhelming for the people working on

it, even though we live in the era of digitized files, cloud storage, and non-conventional workspaces. The biggest brands in the business, which Manhattan Office Design is proud to keep on their website banner, are still interested in producing comprehensive storage solutions that every office can make use of without hassle or costly proceedings.

AIS, Humanscale or HON? Which brand is better?

Office Storage Cabinets

Oh, it’s difficult for us to choose only one from all of our manufacturers. On one hand, we have AIS storage solutions which are fairly affordable and quite common. They aren’t as innovative as that of other brands, but they’re still top quality.

The L series is very popular because of its array of configurations for cabinets, but the modular aspect that makes AIS furniture so innovative is not as present as in other product lines.

Office Storage Cabinets

Moving on to HON, we can also see that their cabinets (conveniently called ‘file centers’) don’t really deviate from the common idea of an office storage item. Some of them offer modular features, but most of them are simply affordable cabinets that are meant to go in tandem with HON’s best-selling workstations and office interior design solutions.

Humanscale, sadly, is not really preoccupied with storage, but focuses its innovative efforts towards modular workstations and chairs, as most people know by now.

HPFi does offer some innovative items: on a previous piece, we reviewed some of their interactive stools, which come with integrated storage solutions. Even though they’re small, getting some of them for your employees can help you save money on bigger cabinets, but it can also result in organizational issues. It all depends on the size of your workforce and your particular office needs.

Office Storage Cabinets

But HPFi offers some innovative and common cabinets for storage. Their Atlas, Hyperwork, and Vision lines sit right in the middle between storage space, modular furniture, and a workstation. This configuration allows you to save space and money, as you can use the modular desks as workstations for a given number of employees (not necessarily tasked with sorting through the cabinets).

Remember each office has different needs

Office Storage Cabinets

The takeaway from this review is that each office has different needs (and the need for storage is constantly changing). That’s why it’s hard to pinpoint the best office cabinet from all of these brands.

All that we can say is that each and every one of them is committed to innovation, which means that there are no bad choices when it comes to actually purchase storage cabinets.

Manhattan Office Design can help you put together a storage space to fit your office needs. You tell us what those needs are, how many people you employ, and we bring together the best of the best from these brands to save you time and money. After cloud storage, we’re the next best thing.