Sure, its never addressed enough. When it comes to home office, your ergonomic chair is your first priority. But once this item is solved, you have to look to your desk, and how to enhance it for better and healthier performance.

What you should be taking care of?

Align your body to get performance. For better performance at work, you need your arms in parallel at the same level as your desktop. At the same time, your eye level has to be at the same level as the top side of your monitor. Many times this is not possible. On average, an American desk has 29″ or 73,5 cm height. According to ergonomics specialists, this height is appropriated for 6″ height people, when the national average is around 5,9″. So, probably the height of your desk is not good for you.

The height of your monitor and your eye level is something to care about, too. Trust in Humanscale to adopt the best solution depending on your needs.

What kind of user are you?

If you need only to lift your monitor for a while, from time to time, in your workday, then Humanscale Monitor Arms is the ideal choice. It has the flexibility to lift one or two monitors without invading your space in your desk, and taking care of the wire mess. 

But on the other hand, if you need not only your monitor, but some desk space to work: Monitor, keyboard, mousepad, and some space for notes, then your alternative is Humanscale Quickstand

Go to Manhattan Office Design, to find more about the best ways to improve your performance and your team efficiency.