The 3 HON task chairs that made our curated list include the fresh, contemporary Volt HON Task Chair, the versatile Lota HON Task Chair, and the best valued Prominent HON Task Chair.

You might already know that HON is one of our trusted manufacturers of task chairs in New York. But, did you also know our HON Task Chairs catalog has almost 100 task chairs models?

We hear you, we are all busy. Who has the time to go over almost 100 Hon Task Chairs, right? There’s a reason why we only honor the top three in the Olympics. People only care about the very best.

Don’t worry! We’ve curated a list of the top 3 HON Task Chairs in New York so you’ll be more productive, stay on top of your game and be one of the best!

Here they are, Manhattan Office Design’s Top 3 HON Task Chairs in New York:

1st Place: The Volt HON Task Chair

Oh, the Volt Hon Task Chair’s got everything! A center-tilt, thick seat cushion, a cooling mesh back, height-adjustable arms, and the crisp style and convenience that make this an extraordinarily comfortable chair.

The best part? The Volt HON Task Chair is not only a highly customizable task chair but the affordable price fast-tracked this HON task chair to our number 1 position.

If you’re looking to bring sophistication, full-scale comfort and outstanding quality to your office in New York at an unusually affordable price, the Volt HON Task Chair is perfect for you.

Hon Task Chairs in New York

2nd Place: The Lota HON Task Chair

Our runner-up of top HON Task Chairs in New York is the refined yet modest mid-back Lota Hon Task Chair.

The Lota Hon Task Chair organically adapts to each user’s body with a three-way pivoting arms and a breathable mesh back. Its sophisticated design features a polished aluminum base and a sturdy frame that are really hard to find at the affordable price of this chair.

The best part? Stop worrying about confusing levers and paddles with its intuitive weight-activated tilt!

The Lota Hon Task is hands down, perfect for any office, workspace or organization with different ergonomic requirements in New York.

Hon Task Chairs in New York

3rd Place: The Prominent Hon Task Chair

With the best value and 65% of customer satisfaction, the Prominent HON Task Chair HON is ranked number 3 on the best Hon Task Chairs in New York.

The Prominent HON Task Chair is not only well-known for its high standard of comfort and good looks but for the endless customization options available for this high-back chair.

The best part? Its synchro-tilt control, height, and width adjustable arms, height-adjustable back, and a seat that slides as you recline. All these features make the Prominent Hon Task Chair the perfect chair for workstations and meeting areas in New York.

Hon Task Chairs in New York

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Want to create a create healthier, more comfortable office in New York? Contact us and we’ll help you find the right HON Task Chairs for your workspace.