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2022 is coming to an end and it’s time for a recap of what we see consolidate as a trend for 2023.

The world of office design is evolving quickly, and, in spite of certain voices that call for a return to the classic office, as it something never happened this last two years, the numbers are quite clear. Working From Home is a strong trend in the market, and large numbers are still resigning to their current positions, trying to get a remote job, or starting a business on their own.

Big Resignation, Big Attrition

The statistics of what they call big resignations are staggering, from 42.1 m Employees in 2019, 36.3 m Employees in 2020, and 47.4 m Employees Quitting in 2021 only, with a similar number expected in 2022.

Hybris Is Becoming a Standard

 According to the Littler Annual Employer Survey Report, 71% of Employees want a hybrid model work from now on, and 55% of Employers will offer a hybrid model work in 2022

Did the Office Change Forever?

We are facing more an evolution than a drastic change. And this evolution has at least 4 pivots that we can watch.

The Rise of Coworking

The office is no longer that place where all work is done, and now it looks to attract the employee and give it tools and interconnection possibilities to outperform. Some employees are ending up in WFH status, and that sets free a significant number of square mts in office buildings around the world. Management has to solve what to do with it, and in some cases they find that the final solution is to rescind leasing contracts. Coworking allows you to rent a functional space where your remote force will connect and will be productive as long they need it.

The Rise of Technology

Covid19 was definitely a boost for some technological innovations that already existed, or were passing through the phase of adoption. Beyond innovations now widely popular now like video meetings,  some urgent measures in the field of privacy and biosecurity are now widely demanded. Panels for privacy, more presence of hands sanitizer stations, and the so-called Fist closed Rule: doors that easily open without the need of grabbing a door’s knob.

The Rise of Sustainability

Right at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, there was already a big movement to see a greener office, just in concordance with the architectural trend that allows you to enjoy that beautiful green terraces in the big cities. Nowadays, this trend is definitely evolved towards a whole sustainability approach: Green is just part of the equation and eco-friendly office furniture is a must. Surveys show us how an environmentally responsible company is more appreciated by talented employees everywhere.

The New Open Office

All these trends take us to a new model of office, where some elements stay and some are gone. The new office in 2023 will be open, but not that open. Some mitigating features are required: Panels for personal privacy, office phone booths, and lounge rooms with home décor elements now coexist with the traditional workstations and meeting rooms in a particular balance that needs to be achieved with creativity and sense of purpose.

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