WorkBuddy Spaces

One of the most striking features in the current trends of the office world has to do with the real state market and the new role of offices.

Nowadays, remote working is shaping the new model of office. In most businesses, a significant part of their labor force is taking the home option, and as a consequence, offices are shrinking. Less square meters are required, and the management is facing the question of what to do with it.

But this scenario doesn’t mean that employees just want to stay at home. According to the Littler Annual Employer Survey Report, 71% of Employees want a hybrid model job.

Adapting to a new way of work

So, this reality creates some challenges for management. What is the ideal size for my business space? What is the right mix of office space that will make feel my employees welcome, but at the same time financially feasible for my company?

To help you deal with the right amount of space, office furniture usage, and offimatic tools for your business, co-working is gaining ground as an efficient tool. By a leasing fare, your business may count on a customized office space that may receive your remote employees with all the features and office tools required for a workday of performance.

Coworking allows you to rent a functional space where your remote force will be productive as long they need it. No more time that the required for your employee, but not less, too. And when it comes to Office Design,

Coworking gives a huge impulse to its trends. In the will to create a collaborative, productive space, the best practices in the world of interior design are used: A healthy, functional space with the latest innovations in office furniture, surrounded by design elements such as plants, lounge furniture, and homey details.

Lots of options in a New World

Coworking solutions are available with lots of options in functionalities and budget. Well-known firms such as WeWork, and WorkVille, in NYC and the States; or WorkBuddy in Asia provide all kinds of spaces in many cities and create collaboration opportunities that will redefine the new role of the office and the future of work.

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