With more than 40 years in the business, Versteel has revolutionized the way we look at modern office furniture. Let’s take a deeper look at their product line and see their main strengths. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

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There’s one company we have not yet discussed in our reviews, one that’s also part of Manhattan Office Design’s furniture roster of manufacturers. Versteel Office Furniture has been around for a while now, and the manufacturers from Jasper, Indiana, ’re offering a lot of great aesthetic and functional solutions for the workplace.

Contemporary aesthetics with modern office furniture

Versteel Office Furniture

When you look at the best furniture stores, there’s always a sense of repetition. After all, we’re talking about the workplace, and unless your work in a museum or something, design trends are going to be fairly strict and homogeneous (though HPFi is a good example of making a difference). However, Versteel doesn’t seem to care much for established tendencies and the needs of employers and companies. They are seamlessly blending the things we know about modern office furniture with seriousness and minimalism that corresponds to today’s preferred workplace aesthetics.

Their product line is a bit more reduced than other retailers, but what they’re doing, they’re doing absolutely right. The only thing you won’t find here, sadly, is executive chairs or any kind of functional task chair. Versteel is making a dedicated array of perfected products to furnish entire offices with their particular taste and vision.

Versteel’s furniture functions as a staple for waiting rooms and lounges, focusing their ergonomic efforts into newer versions of ISO chairs, best known as your regular stacking chairs without wheels. However, that doesn’t mean you can (or should stack) a group of Versteel chairs. They’re not generic renditions of modern office furniture.

The next level in modern furniture manufacturing

Versteel Office Furniture

Another interesting fact about Versteel is that they have attached “level” tags to their product line, indicating what to buy, and how the get the things you really need for your office. The starter pack begins with “training” items that evolve into a more complicated set of configurations and choices.

Though most of the team hails from the United States, Versteel also has an Italian connection that allows them to produce furniture for a wider market, bringing together different designs traditions into a comprehensive product line from which nothing is missing (except, again, for executive chairs).

If you’re interested in Versteel furniture, the best thing you can do is head right to Manhattan Office Design to get the best deals on modern office furniture right now. If you need an example of what they can offer, check out the IMMIX modular waiting room set. You can issue custom orders according to their dedicated PDF brochures for each product so you can get the best choice available for your budget.

As an interesting side note, this ability to create your own individual furniture, manufactured to your particular needs, includes a lot of perks that sometimes get missing from other companies. These features include outlets and grommets that you can configure as you please before ordering.