In Manhattan Office Design, you’ll find the best office furniture in NYC. You choose your office furniture and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll take care of the delivery, installation, and removal of your previous office furniture. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

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As the market for executive office furniture progresses, furniture buyers are progressively more confused by the myriad of choices, showrooms, furniture stores, etc. Big companies are playing it safe, but they are also innovating, so how does everything come together? You should always do a little more research

Someone interested in buying, say, a HON chair, might go directly to the company. However, there they might find higher prices than in other furniture stores. The cheaper options act as liquidation dealers that work with lots of companies at once.

Where can I find the best office furniture in NYC?

best office furniture in NYC

In a place like Manhattan Office Design (MOD for short), you can get the best deals for HON executive office chairs, ergonomic chairs, cubicle furniture, even home office furniture if you are a freelancer.

You can also compare prices, features, and quality with other staple furniture brands in your area, and everywhere in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you want to own a full modular office or if you’re just interested in a task chair for everyday use.

That is not to say that the source companies don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to advertising their products. The main point is that you can’t compare their products with other brand’s products on-site, so you never know if there’s something better.

Buying directly from the source should usually be reserved for people who really love a brand or people who have made furnishing deals with them. As an individual, you have more than one option to get the commercial office furniture you need.

What is Manhattan Office Design?

best office furniture in NYC

MOD is an online hub for all furniture buyers. Curiously, HON products are very popular on the platform, but we are committed to bringing furniture and workplace interior design to everyone from large office spaces to freelancers looking for home office furniture products.