In the competitive world of office furniture, you will face numerous options to choose, and words like ergonomics, performance, home office or efficiency may call you to confuse.

Nevertheless is better to be careful and look beyond fancy words. Look for details, look for features and components, and see why AIS Natick is a solid choice for your workteam or even better, your own home office. 

Because AIS Natick is not only colorful and stylish. AIS Natick is a high quality product with lots of customizable, ergonomic options for a comfortable work day.

But what does AIS Natick has to offer for a productive, comfortable experience?

Since its characteristic lower back support, and its stripe mesh selections, to its numerous customizable features, AIS Natick brings you a lot of tools to adjust your seat to your needs: its weight balanced synchronous tilt mechanism; its full range adjusting arm mechanism which allows you to manipulate height, width depth and even rotational adjustment; and a center tension synchro-tilt mechanism

Trust in AIS Natick to set your office and your home office is the smart decision. Go to Manhattan Office Designs to learn more.