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Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

The Humanscale Freedom Office chair appears in a great number of YouTube videos, but many of them are reviews from independent workers, otherwise known today as freelancers. It is safe to assume that these people were not paid by Humanscale to promote their products (if you can call what they’re doing “promotion”), but rather found the Humanscale Freedom Office Chair to be a solution to their workplace problems.

Today, we are going to examine the Freedom’s chair impact in office furniture design. We will do so through the eyes of some of its users, while also including a little bit of technical information and the science behind the Humanscale Freedom Office chair.

Scientifically Comfortable

Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

As we mentioned in a recent article, the Humanscale Freedom executive chair was named “the gold standard” in contemporary office seating by The New York Times. That’s what you would call promotion. But we are not talking about an ad company, we are talking about probably the most recognizable newspaper in the whole United States. So why is the Humanscale Freedom chair so important? Why should we care?

Well, first and foremost, the Freedom executive chair is still a fairly new concept. It attempts to get rid of the natural bulkiness found even in the sleekest office chairs by allowing your body weight (and gravity) to do the work of making you comfortable. It should also be noted that the Humanscale Freedom Chair is a designer chair, created by Niels Diffrient, who unfortunately passed away in 2013.

The chair has a very sensitive mechanism structure that “feels” your body weight and shape so whenever you recline the chair does this as well. You want to stop reclining and sit up? Great. The office chair knows that too. This is not magic, but rather a deep understanding of the science behind weight, gravity, and other related elements that affect the act of sitting.

Reviewing Humanscale’s Freedom Office Chair

Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

The Freedom chair does let you adjust its parts, but in a very simple way and without any levers. You get to modify the seat, back, head, and arms with ease, as they are all a part of the same system. The idea is for you to use the mechanism the first time you sit on the chair to adapt it to your particular body shape. Once you’re done adapting, you won’t have to do so ever again. This chair really puts the “human” in Humanscale.

Going back to the YouTube freelancer reviews, we can hear the word “unique” and “comfortable” being thrown around constantly. All of the video makers are not only sitting on the chair while doing their review, but they also move it around repeatedly while adjusting its features. Of course, they have to do so because the viewers need to see how it works, but they seem to be almost playing with it, and I mean this in

a good way. It seems like they’re having a lot of fun.

There should be noted that the Humanscale Freedom Office Chair’s technology is not exclusive to that model. Diffrient worked in a large number of task chairs that feature these ergonomic capabilities, and these features have grown to become Humanscale’s trademark in interior design. You might be tempted to think that this office chair functions as a sort of robot, but the truth is that your body weight is actually doing all the work (while you’re doing all of the actual work).