A new time has just arrived. Is the moment of a new beginning, with lots of new energy and lots of learnings to put in practice.  And with AIS Furniture you can count with a great ally to rebuild your office, and bring your team back in the road of success.

AIS Divi is the proposal by AIS Furniture to create new invigorating, productive workspaces.  Offering panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass and stack configurations, virtually any aesthetic can be achieved. AIS Divi is one of the simplest and fastest systems to install in the market.

Open and Private

Due to a thoughtful process of design, you can get a modern open look office or to combine it with privacy options for this new times.  AIS Divi brings additional panel options that include embossed metal, laminate and whiteboard. You can change the look of open plan with upmounted storage and frameless up mount or recessed frameless glass screens. With AIS Divi you have choices to manage your privacy and safety.

Integration to create multiple spaces.

AIS Divi has been designed to fully integrate with another AIS Furniture collections, such as AIS Day -to-Day Tables and AIS Calibrate Series, to bring a fluid line of furniture in your whole space.

Trust in AIS Furniture to create that productive, energetic space that your team requires to make it big again in 2021. In Manhattan Office Design we are pleased to come along with all the way.