As we commented before, we want to be productive in our Home Office. So, with lets take a look to the minimal furniture requirements to achieve a good office result.

  1. An ergonomic chair. The impact of a good chair over your posture and health can never be underestimated. A good ergonomic chair, like the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair, will take care of your lower back, your arms and upper back, and your legs. Working with a proper ergonomic chair is something that your body will feel, and you will be thankful for.
  2. Monitor Arms. Another element, apparently simple but of great impact is the level of your eyes and the height of your monitor because we tend to place the monitor down of our sight. With a HumanScale Monitor Arms, we are capable to place our monitor at a proper height, and move it to the right or the left, depending on our needs.
  3. A sit/stand device. One characteristic of office work is prolonged sitting periods. Prolonged sitting periods are devastating for our health, due to the constant pressure on our internal organs and the bad posture. With a HumanScale Quickstand you will be capable of alternate your workday from sitting to stand the number of times you require.