Working from Home became a reality, to stay with us for a long time, and there are many of aspects that need to be considered in our homes to be well adequated to the task. Fortunately, Humanscale through its leading devices like Humanscale Freedom Chair, Humanscale Monitor Arms, and Humanscale Quickstand has the tools you need to succeed.
WFH take us to consider our space, equipment, furniture, the allocation of time and our relationship with our family. Nevertheless, in the end, we all tend to enjoy the possibility of working in our own space, closer to the people we care, and avoiding commute, feed and related costs. So, we want to succeed and be productive. 
What do we need to be productive in our home office space?
When it comes to furniture and gadgets, WFH looks very simple most of the time. We don’t need big printer/copy machines or a sodas dispenser. So many times we tend reduce the space to a table, a simple chair and a laptop. But is not that simple.
Minimal Furniture to be productive

  1. An ergonomic chair
  2. Monitor arms
  3. A sit/stand desk device
  4. A proper desk with storage

From the list above, take in consideration that an ergonomic chair is your first priority. The impact in your health is for sure determinant, but Humanscale has the best support for your workday, through solutions like the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair, the HumanScale Monitor Arms and the Humanscale Quickstand.