Humanscale Standing Desk
The Humanscale QuickStand

In the middle of the Working From Home revolution, there is a new look at the traditional elements we use. Chairs, Tables, Lighting, Storage, are the main factors to keep in mind when it comes to our home office, and Humanscale is in the front row of ergonomic solutions. 

This new perspective is looking to deal with the fact that many home jobs that started as temporary since the lockdown, will be indefinitely home-based. So, your home set up may need improvement.

But unlike the chair, that has very specific requirements, and is the very first furniture element to consider; a table tends to be considered with a more simple view.

For a very good office desk, its proper height is its principal feature. On average, an American desk has 29″ or 73,5 cm height. According to ergonomics specialists, this height is appropriated for 6″ height people, something a little higher than the national average, that is around 5,9″. So, a proper measure for your desk has to be around 29″ or a little less. Beyond that, a good desk should have a clean-cut wide surface and enough inside space inside to introduce our legs. 

But just recently there are new office furniture innovations, like the Humanscale QuickStand provide the possibility to raise a platform to continue working stand. This is a significant innovation for users in need of an alternative sit/stand posture.