If you’re here, you must be in the quest for the perfect office chair and today we’d like to show you one of the many AIS task chair options: Devens. The personalized fit of this chair will make you feel like it was designed just for you. The intuitive engineering will feel like Devins is extremely easy to adjust. If you want a chair that supports you fulfilling a variety of tasks and performs exceptionally well, being sturdy and durable, then this is the right choice. Devens works extra time so you feel your work time less. We’re about to take a look together at Devens specifications and features, but you can also look at a handpicked selection of AIS Office chairs in “5 AIS Office Chairs to Buy in New York” to make a more informed choice, or broaden your knowledge of this staple piece of office furniture on “5 Surprising Facts You Might not Know about Office Chairs.” If you want to get more AIS furniture in NYC, look no further! Contact us or call 212.706.8509. Even better if you can drop by our AIS Showroom in NYC. We can beat any quote out there.


Ergonomic Functions

Devens has outstanding ergonomic performance with easy-to-operate controls. Devens grants intuitive usage thanks to its universal style and minimal design. Like in all of its products, AIS incorporated the best blend of comfort and technology when making the Devens chair, so that you never have to worry about figuring out how to use your task chair and can actually focus and flow through your work.


Weight-balanced Synchro

Devens’ synchro-tilt is set with the user’s weight. The multi-position back lock can be set in one touch with levers that are easily within your reach. Back tension is also automatically adjusted when the sitter reclines, so once you set it for the first time, you can leave your ideal setting as is. Devens’ synchro system flows with your motion.

Seating Comfort for Everyone

The super-comfy molded seat is meant to conform to the sitter and can be adjusted in height (4.75″) and depth (2″) to accommodate a variety of body types. About 95 percent of diverse people in the workplace will find completely customized comfort in Devens.

Devens Supports You and Your Tasks


The height-adjustable lumbar support reduces strain on the lower back and enhances posture throughout long sitting periods. The backrest is designed to provide full back support, reducing muscle strain.

Arms Are Important, Too

If you always choose task chairs with arms, it’s because you know that they can really make a difference when it comes to comfort and posture. Devens’ 4D arm adjustment can change arm height, width, depth, and rotation -change it whenever you change tasks or simply leave it in your preferred position. Your Devens chair’s arms will look great for years thanks to the impact and abrasion-resistant arm caps.

Stylish and Affordable

Devens blends in regardless of your office setting and style. The outstanding ergonomic performance of the Devens chair means that it has great value for money. You can be sure that Devens will perform well for many years to come, as it’s been designed for long shifts of continued work.

If you liked Devens and are looking for more AIS furniture in NYC, we can help you out. Just pop by our NYC AIS Showroom, test Devens by yourself, and get convinced. We have many more executive chairs and task chairs; we’re sure together we can find the perfect match for your NYC office design. Also, do a quick “office furniture near me” search and you’ll find us! Contact us here or call 212.706.8509. We’ll assist you in putting together that dream office you want.