Nightingale Office Furniture

Nightingale is a contract seating manufacturer that puts purpose before profit into the office chair sales. By collaborating with top designers, engineers, and research teams, they create quality ergonomic products as or best seller, the CXO 6200D Chair that is a treat to comfort for your body posture while working at the office.

Nightingale designs office chairs that prove you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and comfort. Get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost with Manhattan Office Design.

Top Products

CXO 6200D Chair

The Nightingale CXO 6200D is the most comfortable office chair in the world. Period. A refreshingly cool look that will enhance any office environment.

SXO 6100 Chair

The Nightingale SXO 6100 Chair’s simplicity of design and function allows the user to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

VXO 7280 Chair

The Nightingale VXO 7280 Chair features a simple, light-scale design that delivers remarkable comfort and dynamic support.