When people join forces to create, discuss, and share, brilliant ideas can come forth. This is why collaborative spaces may well be the heart of a company. The more comfortable a collaborative space is, the more ingenious and resourceful employees can be: they will feel supported, inspired, and engaged. If you’re ready to redesign your meeting spaces with new lounge furniture, consider the Co-op Meeting Spaces collection by Arcadia. Modern office design NYC is at the tip of your fingers. Type in “office furniture near me,” contact us or call 212.706.8509. You’ll find beautiful lounge furniture in our Arcadia Showroom in NYC; drop by and test for yourself. We’re the leaders in Collaborative Furniture NYC and we can beat your quote!

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Meeting and Creating

Give your employees reasons to come up with amazing ideas. Co-op Meeting Spaces is a vehicle for community engagement and it functions under the notion that people work best when the workspace offers comfort and flexibility as well as evoke innovation. Co-op Meeting Spaces blends in with open plan offices, lobbies, and collaborative areas, and can offer different degrees of privacy from open to semi-private.

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Practical for Everyone

These meeting enclaves do not require an elaborate construction process. They provide a sensation of solidity and openness as well as quietness and focus thanks to the built-in half walls or canopies. Co-op Meeting spaces is extremely comfortable and functional since it includes built-in seating/table, a storage cubby, data/power connectivity, and overhead lights. All basic requirements for collaborative furniture are met.

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Exactly Suited for Your Type of Work

You have many options available. Choose from cantilever tables, suspended tables, and linking tables on the outside walls. Work with overhead cut-out or full canopy, and encourage everyone to collaborate with back-to-back units. To maximize space usage, consider stand-alone and wall-mount panels. Arcadia also offers Co-op Single Work Module, standalone booths for individual work that takes more focus but needs to blend in with the environment in the office.

The Co-op Meeting Spaces collection and many more meeting and lounge furniture collections are ready to be discovered. Shake up your office layout! It’s time to be up there with the most modern office design NYC trends. Contact us, give us a call at 212.706.8509 or visit our Arcadia Showroom NYC, where you’ll be able to test the Co-op collection and the best collaborative furniture in NYC by yourself.


  • Designed by QDesign
  • Available models:
  • Public lounge unit – Private lounge unit with integrated table
  • Public Loveseat – Private Loveseat with integrated table
  • Private lounge unit with partial canopy and integrated table
  • Standalone unit with open canopy and suspended table
  • Loveseat booth with open canopy
  • Private loveseat with full canopy and integrated table Designed by QDesign
  • Wall-mount panel unit
  • Public versions: 43-1/2″ tall; private versions: 56-3/4″ high; private with canopy: 88-1/2″ high.
  • Choose from single or back-to-back units
  • Choose from canopy with or without overhead cut-out
  • The accent tier can be selected in different finishes: fully upholstered, in veneer, laminate or whiteboard material
  • Data and power connectivity
  • Shelves and storage cubby are available