So, you have your chair and your desk for your Home Office. What else do you need?, Is that enough? Humanscale Furniture can help us to really enhance our place.

What is the Minimal Furniture then required to be productive in our home office, then? Let’s see.

Monitor Arms. Most of the people today work with two or three monitors. They are not always of the same model, so you can be working with different sizes located at different heights and angles. It’s important for you to level up your monitors for relaxed and proper use.  With a HumanScale Monitor Arms, we are capable to place our monitor at a proper height, and move it to the right or the left, depending of our needs.

A sit/stand device.  The new trend in the office of alternate sit/stand postures throughout the day is not just about ‘stretching’. The constant pressure on our internal organs and the bad posture can be harmful to our internal organs in the long term. So, it its very good to alternate postures during the day. With a HumanScale Quickstand you will be capable of alternate your workday from sit to stand the number of times you require, on your own desk.

A Light Fixture. Lighting is essential for work. In your office, you have most of the time a white light ceiling electric system, to guarantee you good lighting all day. It doesn’t have to be different in your house. Combine the virtues of natural light and artificial light, but if your space lacks enough natural light, use task lamps and floor lamps to provide constant light on your desk surface.