Open office design is an office design style that has become very common in today’s companies, focused on the best use of spaces and generating efficient workstations with state-of-the-art equipment and highly versatile furniture pieces designed to facilitate the configuration and constant modification of any work environment. For this, a product such as Bridges II Collection means a great advantage, especially if it’s very open compartments in which you want to give space to a large staff.

In some companies, offices and workstations with a large margin of privacy are highly valued, and this is something in which open office concepts generally don’t favor much, but everything depends directly, more than anything, on the type of functions to be carried out on site. These designs are characterized by the absence of partitions or separate structures. Unlike typical cubicle systems, where each worker had his or her space closed or almost closed, open spaces allow fluid and constant communication between team members.

Connecting people and ideas will be more feasible and seamless in your corporate environment if you add top-notch equipment like Global Furniture Group Bridges II. Let your business grow at a fast pace with open space offices designed according to modern trends in executive environments.

Bridges II Collection
Source: Global Furniture Group