The HON Ignition Chair Can Be Your Main Home Office Tool

Your home office has to adapt to the way modern work is evolving. Thanks to the changes experienced in the world during the last months of the year, teleworking has become an increasingly accentuated trend and something that for many has meant a whole new modality of performing its functions productively, because they were too used to working from the traditional office. For this new professional challenge, it’s necessary to have the best equipment, including the most efficient, best-designed, and best-quality furniture on the market. The HON Ignition Chair is an example of this.

Naturally, the Home Office offers some very considerable advantages, as opposed to some disadvantages that are important to consider. Generally speaking, working from home is much cheaper than renting or leasing a business office. Besides, the results you can obtain thanks to a wonderful piece of furniture, which offers you all the adaptability and technical advantages that this piece can offer, may help you fulfill your long working hours, with the possibility of enjoying ergonomics. It’s a piece that you can adapt to the dimensions of your body.

Its adjustable lumbar support, seat control options, adjustable armrests, and synchro-tilt and lock are just some of the features that make this chair a piece worthy of becoming the star of your home office.

HON Ignition Chair
Source: The HON Company

The Bridges II Collection Offers Comfort and Efficiency To Your Employees

You can innovate in the way you interconnect your workstations in the office thanks to the possibilities offered by Bridges II Collection. Properly configuring a work area involves not only the correct arrangement of the desks but also the rest benches and their right connection with them. The collection includes a wide range of resources for your employees to work efficiently and comfortably. You can redefine the way your team performs its functions thanks to the furniture they use, something that’s especially relevant for groups working in collaborative teams focused on the same goal and constantly needing to connect people, efforts, and ideas.

The independent and integrated seating modules included in this collection help you set up the perfect platform for creating efficient environments. High-end physical resources function as catalysts that invite staff members to participate and co-create. Besides, coordination tables, energy, lighting, and privacy screens can be included. This product is ideal for use in open areas, with offices designed in a very open-concept decorative style, in line with the new design trend in work environments.

Make your office a clear example of style and performance that reflects your corporate personality through your furniture.

Bridges II Collection
Source: Global Furniture Group

The HON Empower Benching Systems Allows Effective Distribution of Technology Connections

The HON Empower Benching Systems redefines the simplicity of office decor by making it easier to configure to a specific shape and re-arrange as many times as necessary. Additionally, the installation time it consumes is really minimal. Start-ups need sophisticated furniture that is up to the new business demands, capable of adapting to new technologies, and that includes all the resources that the modern office demands. This benching system helps to create an office from scratch or to expand the functionality of the facilities that you’ve already configured to accelerate the pace of business.

The HON brand endeavored to design a system of benches and desks that would allow a clean and effective distribution of energy on the different work areas through wire channels that perfectly integrate the entire power system of your computer equipment, eliminating the unsightly mess of cables, extensions, and pipes in visible places. Also, workers will be able to use their electronic devices with total comfort, as these workstations are configured to offer electricity, wired Internet ports, and enough privacy to guarantee a comfortable and safe experience.

Boost the quality of your operations and the well-being of your employees with the HON Empower Benching Systems.

HON Empower Bencing Systems
Source: HON Furniture

The Factor Chair Gives You a Recline Full Of Comfort And Breathability

The market for office chairs is full of models made of different materials, compositions, and designs, among which, as is normal, some are more breathable than others, and this is a characteristic that doesn’t always receive the right value. In this sense, the Factor Chair is a furniture piece that provides remarkable freshness since its permeable mesh backrest allows the user to feel lighter, fresher, and more dynamic while using it. The mesh on its back is made of a fine fabric that is discreetly transparent and adds a touch of elegance to the upper part of the chair.

Although many users may not notice it, this is one of the characteristics that make an office chair a more friendly instrument with body ventilation. This makes it a very useful work tool, especially for people who do their work in environments where temperatures go well beyond sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit and need to make the area as airy and refreshing as possible. This feature is an essential part of ergonomics since a suffocated professional won’t be able to comfortably fulfill its daily functions.

Factor Office Chair
Source: Global Furniture Group

The HON Preside Desk Is a Piece Highly Compatible With Current Technologies

The most modern work environments have a vital characteristic in common: the presence of abundant technological tools that, in almost all cases, have a central role in the performance of workers, on which the success of the company’s objectives depends. In this sense, some products such as the HON Preside Desk are carefully designed so that their installation can adequately integrate these physical tools most ergonomically and efficiently, without compromising the aesthetics of the decorative style.

The presence of excessive wiring, diverse equipment that consumes a lot of space, considerably overshadow the charm of a decorative style, and also limit the possibilities of making important changes and reconfiguring the area. It can be a common problem if the most suitable furniture is not chosen. Fortunately, issues of this type have been solved over time, as computer equipment has become smaller, wireless technologies have been developed, and technology equipment has made it possible to prepare an amazing minimalist area, where only the physical resources that the person will need are visible.

The HON Preside desk is designed to embrace technology with a variety of options for displaying audiovisual equipment, supporting data and power, and routing cables comfortably and simply, among many other benefits.

HON Preside Desk
Source: HON Furniture