The HON Empower Benching Systems redefines the simplicity of office decor by making it easier to configure to a specific shape and re-arrange as many times as necessary. Additionally, the installation time it consumes is really minimal. Start-ups need sophisticated furniture that is up to the new business demands, capable of adapting to new technologies, and that includes all the resources that the modern office demands. This benching system helps to create an office from scratch or to expand the functionality of the facilities that you’ve already configured to accelerate the pace of business.

The HON brand endeavored to design a system of benches and desks that would allow a clean and effective distribution of energy on the different work areas through wire channels that perfectly integrate the entire power system of your computer equipment, eliminating the unsightly mess of cables, extensions, and pipes in visible places. Also, workers will be able to use their electronic devices with total comfort, as these workstations are configured to offer electricity, wired Internet ports, and enough privacy to guarantee a comfortable and safe experience.

Boost the quality of your operations and the well-being of your employees with the HON Empower Benching Systems.

HON Empower Bencing Systems
Source: HON Furniture