The market for office chairs is full of models made of different materials, compositions, and designs, among which, as is normal, some are more breathable than others, and this is a characteristic that doesn’t always receive the right value. In this sense, the Factor Chair is a furniture piece that provides remarkable freshness since its permeable mesh backrest allows the user to feel lighter, fresher, and more dynamic while using it. The mesh on its back is made of a fine fabric that is discreetly transparent and adds a touch of elegance to the upper part of the chair.

Although many users may not notice it, this is one of the characteristics that make an office chair a more friendly instrument with body ventilation. This makes it a very useful work tool, especially for people who do their work in environments where temperatures go well beyond sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit and need to make the area as airy and refreshing as possible. This feature is an essential part of ergonomics since a suffocated professional won’t be able to comfortably fulfill its daily functions.

Factor Office Chair
Source: Global Furniture Group