The most modern work environments have a vital characteristic in common: the presence of abundant technological tools that, in almost all cases, have a central role in the performance of workers, on which the success of the company’s objectives depends. In this sense, some products such as the HON Preside Desk are carefully designed so that their installation can adequately integrate these physical tools most ergonomically and efficiently, without compromising the aesthetics of the decorative style.

The presence of excessive wiring, diverse equipment that consumes a lot of space, considerably overshadow the charm of a decorative style, and also limit the possibilities of making important changes and reconfiguring the area. It can be a common problem if the most suitable furniture is not chosen. Fortunately, issues of this type have been solved over time, as computer equipment has become smaller, wireless technologies have been developed, and technology equipment has made it possible to prepare an amazing minimalist area, where only the physical resources that the person will need are visible.

The HON Preside desk is designed to embrace technology with a variety of options for displaying audiovisual equipment, supporting data and power, and routing cables comfortably and simply, among many other benefits.

HON Preside Desk
Source: HON Furniture