There’s always an ideal way to configure workstations to work very well and to offer privacy and, at the same time, the most valuable technological and professional resources to develop truly successful and efficient workdays. It’s one of the great advantages offered by the HON Empower Benching System: the possibility of configuring workplaces according to the specific requirements of each person, according to the scope of their functions and their usual work rhythm. For example, for some office workers, especially those who work in the same room with many other colleagues, the feeling of privacy and isolation, albeit minimal, is a must.

Empower Systems are highly configurable, and privacy is not outside the spectrum of benefits it offers. You can reinforce the division of each workplace with center greens available in frosted glass or fabric, as well as side screens, available in steel or fabric. This turns each module into an individual and independent center, with a greater capacity for personalization for every worker and delimitation of the area intended to carry out its daily functions. Its aesthetic and functional aspect will be very well received, especially by people who feel more comfortable in their own space, and who knows how to take advantage of its characteristics in a personal way.

Let your staff work on their individual stations with HON Empower Benching Systems!

HON Empower Benching Systems
Source: HON Furniture