One of the reasons why the motto of the HON Preside Desks is “Where people and ideas connect” is because this connection is not only at an objective and evident level but also at a subjective level, like those sublime occasions in which everyone present at a work meeting is in the same inexplicable harmony, the same mood, enthusiasm, and the desire to generate new solutions to the different challenges of working life. This subjective connection has been associated many times with the aesthetics of the place, taking into account that the decorative elements and the design of the environment can directly influence the mental state of the users.

The aesthetics of an office is directly associated with the executive image that a company or organization can project. Furniture is much more than just utensils: they’re pieces that tangibly express the personality of an organization, its vision, and identity. The Preside collection of desks demonstrates great versatility in terms of styles, ranging from a Modern style to a Traditional, Transitional, or Contemporary. It’s a very complete collection, with a specific piece for each taste and need. Also, these designs facilitate the installation of technological resources such as electrical outlets, charging ports, and the Internet ports for the workstations.

The Preside desks are an emblem of quality, good taste, and professionalism that will pleasantly reinforce your executive image.

HON Preside Desks
Source: Bussiness Furniture Warehouse