Have you wondered what makes a desk chair a great product, worthy of recognition, evidence of the hard work of its designers and manufacturers, and a complete artifact, specially made to satisfactorily and fully cover the needs and requirements for which it was created? The factors are diverse and highly relevant, and the creators of the HON Ignition Chair know this well. For this reason, they took into account these three characteristics that make this chair an extraordinary piece:

1.- Manufacturing materials. The material is a factor directly linked to the performance of the chair. The HON Ignition Chair includes cushions that offer a premium experience, upholstered in a world-class fabric that’s available in different colors and finishes for a wide variety of styles. 

2.- Ergonomic lumbar support. All aspects within an ergonomic design are important but, practically, the most important is lumbar support, since an efficient design in this sense protects the health and prevents muscle pain, skeletal problems and prevents orthopedic diseases.

3.- Resistance. This wonderful piece by HON is a heavy-duty tool. It can withstand intensive use for long hours, guarantees excellent performance for users weighing up to three hundred pounds, and is highly adjustable according to the characteristics of each person. Besides, its anthropometric dimensions make it more suitable for each professional requirement.

You deserve only the best physical resources in your office. The HON Ignition Chair is a top-notch tool at your fingertips.

HON Ignition Chair
Source: HON Furniture