MDD Reception Desks like the MDD Alpa or the MDD Zig Zag allow you to make a great first impression with your guests, customers or clients. Read more about these fantastic office reception desks. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

Why Having Great Office Reception Matters?

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When it comes to office design in NYC your office reception says a lot about your company, and getting the right reception desks for your reception area can make a real difference. In this article, we take a look at why the reception area is so important before looking at some MDD (one of our manufacturers) the best reception desks, the MDD Alpa and MDD Zig-Zag.

To start, consider your office reception as your shop-front. Your reception desk should immediately set the tone for the whole of your office design. The reception area is crucial because it’s where you can impact your clients, visitors and even employees with the right first impression, so you’ve got to make it count!

How? Having a clean, organized and well-designed reception area and desk, run by a friendly, welcoming team member as a receptionist can help your company to:

  • Make sure clients and customers see your company as a professional
  • Encourage productivity while improving the attitude of your team members
  • Create a positive office design and atmosphere
  • Improve your office’s organization
  • And even increase sales, customer service, and business performance

How to Create the Right Reception Area

office design in NYC

While every company is, of course, different, here are a few practical office design ideas you can use today to create the right reception area for your company:

Designate a Separated Area

Start by making sure you separate a designated area for your reception. Ideally, this should be in a separate room, away from the rest of your office. This way, you can reduce the number of distractions and disruptions a constant flow of visitors can cause to your employees.

Make it Comfortable

The right seating choice is another crucial part of any reception area. Having a dedicated waiting space in which your reception area where your visitors and potential customers can sit and wait until you’re ready to see them will make them feel welcome.

Give the right first impression

The reception area is a great place to promote your company’s core values and achievements. Hang any award certificates, photographs, and posters that promote your company in your reception area to use it as an effective sales tool.

Remember Staffing matters

Don’t forget the most important part of your reception area is your receptionist. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at the number of companies we’ve seen that staff their reception area with just untrained temps, interns or the office junior! Your receptionist

Your receptionist is one of the most important persons in your company because in some cases, it’s the first face your visitors and potential customers will see, so make sure you choose someone who’s friendly, efficient, and organized to man your reception area.

Get the best reception desk

Every reception area needs a reception desk and investing in the best, high-quality reception desk is crucial. This valuable piece of furniture will not only give your receptionist a place to work but it will be the first focal point your visitors see when they arrive at your office, so it must also act as an office design piece in its own right.

That’s where MDD comes in.

MDD is well known for its quality office furniture products and unique design. This company offers a wide selection of office furniture, seating, and reception desks, growing to be one of the top office furniture manufacturers and workspace solutions providers. We’ve chosen two of their best reception desks to help you design the best reception area for your office.

MDD Reception Desk Alpa

The MDD Reception Desk Alpa was expertly designed to evoke the feel of nature in your reception area. Inspired by the shapes of the Alps, the MDD reception desk Alpa was specifically crafted not only to make your guests feel welcomed but also to suit the demands of modern reception areas in NYC.

Accomplishing a delicate balance between opulent and carefree at the same time, te MDD Reception Desk Alpa is available in several, different arrangements and colors. The MDD Reception Desk Alpa features a glittering front made of glass that enriches any office reception area despite its neutral colors. Our favorite feature tho? The minimal design and the clean lines highlighted by an illuminated kick plate which are the most

striking features of this reception desk.

MDD Reception Desk Zig-Zag

Originally designed by the famous architect Zbigniew Kostrzewa, the MDD Reception desk Zig Zag appears to be the perfect combination of style, reliability, and simplicity. This Reception Desk features front panels that combine interlacing metal structures with Plexiglass to produce the feeling of extended space in your reception area.

The MDD Reception Zig-Zag Desk features a solid melamine desk in white color that offers 800 mm in depth of working space fulfilling the main requirements for a safe and comfortable workplace. Artfully crafted glass covers the top of the reception desk making sure that your office is at the top of modernity.

Composed of blocks of different sizes, the MDD Reception Desk Zig-Zag allows for several versatile arrangements. This feature along with unique backlighting with different colors helps you not only to personalize your office design but also to add charm and perfection to it. Diverse modes and color regimes operated by a remote control The MDD Reception Desk Zig-Zag is aesthetically pleasing and suits within a wide range of contemporary interiors.