The 5 AIS Office Chairs to Buy in New York that made our list include the Upton Chair designed for focused work, the versatile Granite Chair, and the height-adjustable Rutland for Standing Desks.

AIS Office Chairs to Buy in New York

Looking for AIS Office Chairs to Buy in New York?

We’ve curated a list of the top 5 office Chairs for you from one of our top manufacturers in Manhattan, New York.

AIS Upton Chair

Specially built for focused work, the AIS Upton Chair adapts to each worker’s individual needs. The AIS Upton Chair’s adjustable seat height and depth, as well as its adjustable arms, will enhance your and your employee’s comfort.

Our favorite feature? The AIS Upton Chair comes with multiple back features: optional adjustable lumbar support, back-lock, and adjustable back height that will allow you to find your perfect fit. Simply put, the AIS Upton Chair is the next-level office chair every workspace in New York deserves.

AIS Upton Office Chairs in New York

AIS Bolton Chair

Specially built for those who log many hours at their desks, the AIS Bolton Chair offers the right

amount of adjustability and support today’s office workers in New York need. Our favorite feature? The AIS Bolton Chair comes with a kind seat cushion, great lumbar support, adjustable arms and seat height, and synchro tilt mechanisms that perfectly adapt to every body types.

Available in high-back and mid-back versions, the AIS Bolton Chair will provide a consistent and professional look to your workspace, from the reception desk to the executive office.

AIS Bolton Office Chairs in New York

AIS Natick Chair

Specially built for deep focus work or multi-tasking on the go, the AIS Natick Office Chair keep you on task while remaining sophisticated and comfortable. The AIS Natick Chair makes a striking statement while supporting workers throughout the day. Something every office in New York needs.

We could write a whole article about the features of the AIS Natick Office Chair: from seat height and depth adjustments, a body conforming back, 4-D arms. All these features make it really easy to fine-tune the AIS Natick Chair to meet each person individual needs.

Our favorite feature? The AIS Natick Office Chair automatic weight-activated synchro-tilt mechanism which moves with each user’s natural pivot points and seated body motions, while providing continuous support.

Whether you want an office chair or a stool, the AIS Natick Chair can meet the needs of every office in New York Today.

AIS Natick Office Chairs in New York

AIS Element Chair

Specially designed for deep focus work, the AIS Element Chair will redefine the concept of comfort for any offices in New York. The AIS Element Office Chairs feature an ample seat cushion, outstanding lumbar support, highly adjustable arms as well as seat height, and a synchro-tilt mechanism that intuitively adjusts to its user.

Our favorite feature? Since the AIS Element Chair is available as an executive management chair, an office chair, or a side chair (all with stylish fabric options.) The AIS Element will have a place in every space in your New York office setting.

AIS Element Office Chairs in New York

AIS Rutland Stool

Ok, granted. The AIS Rutland Stool isn’t an office chair. But it’s 2019 and more and more offices in New York are using standing desks. The AIS Rutland Stool fits perfectly into New York’s growing sit-to-stand environments, as well as meeting and collaborative spaces.

Our favorite feature? The AIS Rutland Stool promotes the health benefits of changing postures while working throughout the day, but without compromising any comfort or beauty.

AIS Rutland Office Chairs in New York

Is there another AIS Office Chair didn’t include? Contact us to find the right AIS Office Chairs for your workspace in New York.

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