The places you can fin high-quality office furniture in New York City are endless. The available choices between affordable and expensive stores are endless. But which ones are the best?

We have }delved in this subject before. But this time, we’ve decided to take a deeper look at each of our favorite office furniture showroom in New York. We start with one of our favorite manufacturers showrooms: The Hon Office Company Showroom.

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Near Flatiron building and Madison Square Park, you’ll find Hon’s showroom in the heart of the historic Tin Pan Alley.

This Showroom unites Hon’s detailed qualities with the complexity of New York. Once there, you’ll discover furniture that meets every NYC Market design demand.

The New York Hon Showroom showcases Hon’s strength and authenticity. And it does so in an environment packed with natural light and mixed materials. The shining colors and playful accessories a wink to the original use of the building: a toy factory. You can’t help to feel the need to play in such stimulating showroom.

The HON NYC Showroom is more than a simple showroom. It’s a luxurious experience that empowers New York’s commercial interior designers. Right in the heart of the city that never sleeps, designers will find the inspiration they need at all times.

Some of Hon’s most iconic pieces are there to see for yourself. One of our favorite task chairs: The Hon Volt Task Chair is one of the selected items. This chair features generous cushions that fit any body type, at an affordable price.

And what task chair could not go without a desk to pair it? The Hon Laminate Series are affordable options for any office. These office desks are withstand heavy use, frequent moving, scratches, spills, and stains.

You will find high-efficiency energy solutions to your office in the Hon NYC Showroom. Our choice? The Hon Task Lamp. It’s perfect to illuminate any area while providing more control over your environment.

This showroom is a creative hub for interior designers, and one of the coolest places in the city. A wonderful place to revel in the sophisticated lifestyle of New York.

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