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HON Flock Chairs

Finding the right balance between sitting and moving throughout the workday can have amazing health and productivity benefits. HON is particularly good at providing opportunities for movement and posture shifts through collaborative or focused work areas.

Sadly, most companies lack areas for standing, lounging, or walking in their workspaces. This represents a missed opportunity not only for casual, impromptu collaborative work style but a more active and healthy one.

Granted, sit-to-stand workstations are a great way to promote this healthy, active workstyle, but other approaches are available as well. Based on our experience, companies always benefit from alternative work environments and from furniture that allows and encourages movement, collaborative work, and changes in postures. These different working areas require thoughtful planning and different furniture options.

That’s where we can help you with our favorite HON Flock Chairs.

Create Productive Environments with HON Flock Chairs

HON Showroom in NYC

The HON Flock Collection of chairs is specifically designed for different collaborative or focused work areas. HON Flock features a full collection of comfortable mobile furniture pieces that work seamlessly together to make the most of every square inch of your office. With HON Flock Chairs, you can achieve the right balance of seating, tables and ancillary products to help people interact with each other, work together or receive the support they need during focused work.

This way, you can take advantage of smaller office spaces that aren’t being used, arrange collaborative areas near workstations and inspire impromptu meetings, enhance collaborative work, and make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. As the HON Office Furniture company puts it: “When people Flock together, good things happen.”

How HON Flock Chairs Can Transform Your Workplace

HON Showroom in NYC

You might not know it but your employees need variety and workspaces to perform their best. They need comfortable spaces that inspire and engage. HON Flock Chairs can help you create working environments that are comfortable, warm, and welcome— the types of offices that attract top talent. Who doesn’t want to work in a place where people want to gather, share ideas, focus or simply relax?

Look at all the benefits HON Flock Chairs can bring to your office:

  • Improve work-life balance: modern companies value freedom and mobility, When it comes to this, fewer employees are distinguishing the workday from the rest of their lives. We all need relaxing spaces to drop in and get something done. HON Flock Chairs brings more casual settings into the workplace that will help everyone feel at home in your office.
  • Increase wellness in the office: We all know that sitting is killing us. That’s brought a new focus on wellness in the office that changed the way we work. HON Flock Chair encourages movement, relieves stress, supports relaxed postures, and allows everyone to work in a comfortable change-of-pace setting.
  • Offer creative outlets: Arranging HON Flock Chairs in common areas within the office will allow you to bring even remote workers back to the office and encourage movement, interaction and productivity.
  • Stay Connected: Offering your employees a creative outlet doesn’t have to affect productivity. Each HON Flock Chair comes with flexible power options that allow everyone to stay connected and charge up wherever and whenever they are.
  • Provide freedom of movement: When given the choice, we all gravitate toward spaces that match our changing needs throughout the day. That’s no different in our offices. Different working areas allow people to engage, socialize and be more productive. Hon Flock Chairs allow you to offer more choices over where work happens, which leads to a happier, more creative and productive office.

HON Flock Featured Products

Let’s take at our favorite HON Flock products. They’re all great examples of the whole HON Flock Collection.

HON Flock Casual Guest Chair

HON Showroom in NYC

Provide excellent comfort with this four-leg guest chair and its fully-upholstered contoured seat and back. Ideal to make your guests welcome and more compelled to come to your office!

HON Flock Stool

HON Showroom in NYC

Furnish a bar working area with this cafe-height stool, made for all-body comfort, a foot ring for leg support, and a contoured seat back for back support. If you’re like us and always fear to fall from one of these, rest assured the counter weighted disc base adds structural support.

HON Flock Modular Chair

HON Showroom in NYC

This armless lounge chair is powerful enough to stand on its own or you can combine it with the rest of the HON Flock chair collection to create a collaborative seating arrangement. We particularly love this chair for its exceptional comfort and mobility, it’s a perfect fit for any spaces that require flexibility.

HON Flock Ottoman Wedge

HON Showroom in NYC

Do you need a versatile piece that can work in every space and be easily moved? This Square Ottoman is right for you. It can work in a variety of ways and spaces to kick up your feet, to sit down or even use as a side table. We particularly loe this ottoman for its multipurpose design, a valuable addition to any modern office arrangement.

HON Flock Round Mini

HON Showroom in NYC

Easily move this Flock mini cylinder throughout your space whenever collaboration calls. Pull it up to your desk to give visitors short-term seating. Add it to a larger configuration. However you decide to Flock, this is the lightweight way to make your work style more mobile and agile.

HON Flock Square Lounge Chair

HON Showroom in NYC

We tend to love lounge chairs around the workspace. This one, with its exceptional comfort and mobility, is perfect for any spaces that require flexibility. It also comes with four different leg options and a variety of HON fabrics to create a customized chair that matches your company’s style and brand identity.

HON Flock Collaborative Tables

HON Showroom in NYC

Despite appearances, this laminate cube table is the perfect addition to any HON Flock Chairs arrangement. Need to get something done or show a co-worker something? Bring that table over. In a casual meeting with a guest? You have a great place to offer beverages and snacks. These tables are available in a variety of solid and woodgrain finishes. Each of the four-post legs adjusts for to level on uneven floors.

Office Design Ideas featuring HON Flock Chairs

At Manhattan Office Design we are aware that not everyone is an interior designer with the ability to visualize a product in various office environments. That’s our superpower. We’ve created a collection with the following images to show you what HON Flock Chairs can do for you and give you ideas on how to make the most of them, as well as bring a variety of aesthetic options and ideas to life.

We hope you take advantage of all the benefits the HON Flock Chairs Collection can bring you office and turn it into a modern workspace. Use this information to take small unused spaces in your office and turn them into new collaborative areas and inspire impromptu meetings, enhance collaborative work, and make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Or contact us, send us an email or call us at (212) 706-8509 and we’ll make it happen for you! And remember our office, if you find any competitive price, send it to us and we’ll beat it!