If you still have a traditional office layout with conventional desks, you’re missing out on your workers’ best performance and highest well-being. It’s time you switched to height-adjustable tables, the healthier, more functional alternative to traditional desks. Height adjustable desks (or sit/stand desks) can be set to the optimal height for the user whether in sitting or standing position, thus providing perfect ergonomic benefits and encouraging movement throughout the workday to fight the office sedentary lifestyle. You’re about to learn more about AIS’ E Series collection. To find us, just type in “office furniture near me,” contact us or call 212.706.8509. If you’re in town, visit our AIS Showroom in NYC. You’ll have the chance to test the E Series height adjustable desk by yourself. We can beat any quote you bring!

AIS Showroom in NYC

A Sit & Stand Desk for Enhanced Productivity

The E Series offers the greatest advantage any furniture can have: comfort and functionality at the service of the user’s well-being. With its electronic height adjustability option, E Series perfectly suits every user’s individual requirements at any time. Go from sitting to standing height with the touch of a button.

Swift Change of Height

Your E Series height adjustable desk features an electronic control that runs smoothly and silently. Traveling at 1.18” per second, the dual motors in each leg of the table move the legs from sitting to standing position in no time (reacts within 0.5 seconds of operation). The adjustment is silent and has a soft start/stop mechanism with four memory presets.

AIS Showroom in NYC

Soft Collision Technology

The proprietary Soft Collision Technology halts and retracts motion if the table meets obstacles. The special sensor detects obstruction from above or below the worksurface for advanced safety protection that involves both the table and the user. Soft Collision won’t even be noticed since it’s built-in and designed to have no interference with the aesthetic of the table design.

A World of Flexible Office Desk Options

The E Series pairs exceptionally well with screens for a double purpose: privacy and office space delimitation without the constraints of the cubicle office layout. Other complementary options are worksurface power access or the anti-fatigue mat, which enhances the comfort already granted by the height options for better user support. For the perfect office ensemble, you’ll need high-performance executive chairs, so give a chance to AIS’ Natick chair. What’s more, you should look through the rest of the adjustable height table collection by AIS and other wonderful ergonomic executive desks such as MDD’s Gravity.

AIS Showroom in NYC

It’s time to flexibiilize your office design! Ask about our wide variety of executive desks, standing desks, and ergonomic office furniture by AIS and other top brands. Contact us, call 212.706.8509 or visit our AIS Showroom in NYC, where you’ll be able to test the E Series and many other AIS office furniture items by yourself.


  • Electronic adjustment with four memory presets
  • Soft start/stop and fast dual motor (one in each table leg)
  • Exclusive Soft Collision Technology halts table motion if it senses obstacles
  • Height adjustment range: 26.26” to 45.94” (no top)
  • Lifting capacity: 250-lb.
  • Adjustable base width: 42.25” to 74”
  • Two-stage legs
  • Adjustable leveling glides
  • Base Finishes:
  • Standard with metallic silver / Standard with rectangle tops / Standard with two legs only / Standard with T Foot
  • Height-adjustable base kits can be purchased separately.
  • Tabletops: 21 different laminate finishes