Have you ever dreamed of bringing a piece of nature inside? Natural elements in indoor spaces encourage well-being, relaxation, and an enhanced feeling of connection that you don’t get in all man-made spaces, that’s why Nevins came up with Bio-Canvas, a beautiful office wall decor panel installation. This collection features preserved natural materials. These beautiful pieces of nature do not require maintenance and they have benefits for your workplace. Are you curious about this innovative office wall decor? Just type in “office furniture near me,” contact us or call 212.706.8509. Even better, if you are in NYC, visit our Nevins Showroom in NYC. You’ll love all our novelties in office design! We can beat any quote out there.

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A Piece of Nature Indoors

Bio-Canvas features three acoustic moss types, plus poplar bark and light stone textures. These biophilic materials are mounted to walls with the help of lightweight aluminum panels/frames. Two-part easy snap-on/snap-off frames allow the panel inserts to be easily interchanged so you can shake up your office design whenever you want.

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Lively Green

The three moss panels are made from Reindeer Moss found in Northern European forests. The moss is conscientiously harvested by hand, with no harm for the plant or the environment (the cutting technique allows the plant to renew perfectly). Then, the moss is preserved and dyed with a safe food coloring agent that won’t fade. Moss Bio-Canvas panels have acoustic attenuation properties: they capture 90% medium and high voice frequencies.

Sustainable Bark

Yellow Poplar bark panels come from the Appalachian Hardwood Region (AHR). This species is not threatened in any way by Nevins since it’s not an endangered tree and its bark would otherwise become waste; instead, it is used for the Bio-Canvas decorative panels.

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Peaceful Stone

The Light Stone Panels are available in Prairie Brown and Mountain Gray and made from a combination of natural stone and resin that makes them lighter than raw stone panels.

Match and Create

The different biomaterials available in the Bio-Canvas collection can be mixed and matched to three different size panels and three different frame colors (plus a no-frame option).

Nature can coexist within the office. Blend it in with Bio-Canvas panels! If you want to know everything about Bio-Canvas and other wall tiles and office wall decor, contact us, call 212.706.8509 or drop by our Nevins Showroom in NYC to take a closer look at these beautiful office wall decor panels. We want to help you bring nature into your office design NYC!


  • Acoustic Moss panels: Lime Green Moss, Medium Green Moss, Forest Green Moss
  • Bark panels: sustainable Poplar Bark
  • Light Stone Finishes: Prairie Brown, Mountain Gray
  • Frame colors: White, Anthracite, Black. No Frame option
  • Panel Sizes: 1’x2’ Grid, 2’x2’ Grid, 4’x2’ Grid (moss only)
  • Biomaterials are adhered to panels using non-toxic, A+ rated glue
  • Biomaterials comply with the Fire Resistance Standard EN-13501-1 Class B thanks to their natural preservation process.
  • Moss requires no maintenance (water/light)
  • Easy four-step installation with personalized panel layout