Living walls are becoming more and more popular as a way to blend nature into indoor spaces, especially modern or corporate ones, which tend to have a cold and gray feel to them. The benefits are varied, from air purification and noise reduction to enhanced focus and well-being. Bio-Canvas Dividers by Nevins (an alternative to Bio Canvas Panels) don’t just serve as a green decorative accent, they also offer privacy and space management. If you are in need of a room divider to complement your office design, just type in “office furniture near me,” contact us or call 212.706.8509. You can also look at a wide range of Room dividers NYC if you visit our Nevins showroom in NYC. We’re sure you will love all our novelties in office design and office decor! We can beat any quote!

Nevins showroom in NYC

Functional Decoration

Bio-Canvas Dividers make it easy to separate areas and delineate spaces while adding a touch of nature. On one side, they have custom-arranged panels with Bio-Canvas’ biomaterials (moss, bark, and light stone) and on the other, they can be ordered either in plain PVC material or whiteboard material – the latter adds one more layer of functionality to this beautiful piece of office decor. Moss offers excellent acoustic isolation, so it helps you get a quieter office, on top of helping reduce air pollution. get Bio-Canvas Dividers look great in collaborative and rest areas where people come together to share time and ideas.

Low Maintenance, High Practicality

Bio-Canvas Divider’s biomaterial panels do not need any maintenance (watering or dusting) since they adapt to the humidity conditions of the environment. They have undergone a preservation process that uses no toxic materials to ensure that the moss stays fresh and the color looks vibrant.

Nevins showroom in NYC

Fit Them to Your Space

These room dividers come in two different grid sizes: 2’x2’ grid and 4’x2’ grid (only for moss), and two divider heights 48’l x 52’h and 48’l x 76’h. The back panel can also be customized. Choose among White, Anthracite, Black or Whiteboard. Your Bio-Canvas room divider can double as a board. It’ll become a favorite meeting and collaborative point in your smart office design. As a plus, you can reconfigure the panels within the frames and stands so you shake your office decor up as often as you want.

Fragments of Nature

Like the Bio-Canvas Wall Panels by Nevins, the Bio-Canvas dividers feature three acoustic moss colors

Office decor can be natural and smart. If you’re looking for room dividers in NYC, contact us or call 212.706.8509; we’ll be delighted to show you how Bio-Canvas panels and privacy dividers work at our Nevins Showroom.


  • Acoustic Moss panels: Lime Green Moss, Medium Green Moss, Forest Green Moss (non-toxic dyed)
  • Bark panels: sustainable Poplar Bark (sustainable source)
  • Light Stone Finishes: Prairie Brown, Mountain Gray (stone and resin mixture)
  • Frame colors: White, Anthracite, Black. No Frame option
  • Panel Sizes: 2’x2’ grid and 4’x2’ grid (only for moss)
  • Divider heights: 48’l x 52’h and 48’l x 76’h
  • Biomaterials are adhered to panels using non-toxic, A+ rated glue
  • Biomaterials comply with the Fire Resistance Standard EN-13501-1 Class B thanks to their natural preservation process.
  • Moss requires no maintenance (water/light)
  • Easy installation with personalized panel layout