Krug Zola is an innovative collection of modular and freestanding soft seating that includes benches and tables. Krug Zola features superior strength and durability that makes it an ideal solution for high traffic and intensive use reception areas. Contact us at 212.706.8509 or visit our Krug Showroom in NYC and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

Discover the Krug Zola Collection

Krug Showroom in NYC

With the rising trend of open-plan office design in NYC and a continuing, strong focus on collaborative work, more informal spaces have emerged. These often include office lounge seating that allows brainstorming, collaboration, and good ol’ heads-down work. Still, whether you’re working or just socializing, some degree of privacy creates a more comfortable atmosphere.

That’s where Krug Zula comes in.

Krug Zola is a major expansion of our already extensive and award-winning Krug Office Furniture collection. The Krug Zola Privacy takes office seating and collaborative workspaces to a new level of function and sophistication. Krug Zula represents a modern solution for modern office designs. Krug Zola Privacy creates office spaces that easily can accommodate any groups, teams and multiple users with exceptional comfort and style.

Krug Showroom in NYC

Krug Zola Privacy features three back heights (34”, 38” and 50”) in both curved and rectilinear forms. Krug Zola also offers almost unlimited configuration for a multitude of applications: reception spaces, waiting areas, meeting space, library settings, and more.

Krug Zola Privacy can be specified with seats on one side of the back or on both sides, to optimize available space and create varying degrees of privacy within public space. And it’s an ideal solution for work teams and study groups, with an array of complementary tables, back-mounted shelves, privacy screens and seating choices that can be combined to complete your office design in NYC.

Krug Zola offers you incredible versatility: as a bench or as a chair, linked or unlinked, with or without arms – it can be reconfigured with ease. Wood or upholstered backs, and a large selection of both linked and freestanding tables, complete this extensive offering. Recycled and recyclable materials, GREENGUARD™ certification, and replaceable components make Zola a furniture solution that is healthy, sustainable and economical.

Krug Showroom in NYC

Krug Zola Top Features

  • Components are interchangeable, reconfigurable and replacement
  • Incredible versatility in its extensive offering and can be reconfigured with ease
  • Wood or upholstered backs and a large selection of both linked and freestanding seating & tables
  • Removable and replaceable upholstery covers for easy cleaning, disinfecting or repair
  • Metal-to-metal bracketry and frames allow fast, easy reconfiguring, and new components can be added at any time
  • Unique glides with 1.25″ adjustability provide exceptional leveling capability over large spans and on uneven floors
  • Optional power docks, tablet tables, and urethane arm caps
  • An extensive array of fabrics and colors including leather
Krug Showroom in NYC

Take your office seating to a new level of function and sophistication with the award-winning Krug Zola collection. Office design in NYC need modern solutions, and Krug Zola Privacy artfully accommodates groups with exceptional comfort and style. Wherever people are working, learning, receiving care, eating, drinking, or collaborating, you can count on Manhattan Office Design and Krug Zola.