Searching for an eco friendly seating solution with unparalleled beauty for your modern office environment? Look no further than the modern, elegant Krug Sutton Soft Seating! Crisp, modern sophistication is beautifully suspended on a metal or wood base in the coveted Sutton. The warmth of wood surrounding the upholstered chair, a lovely optional design element. 

The relevance of the seating in your workplace cannot be overstated, whether you run a business office, local government office or clinic. Customers and guests respond better when in comfort. When updating your office or furnishing a new one, look to Manhattan Office Design for top-class Soft Seating solutions by Krug.

We’ve been offering superior quality Soft Seating solutions like our coveted Sutton Soft Seating for businesses and healthcare businesses and clinics in NYC for long

Top Features

  • Made to last
  • Eco friendly fabric
  • Choose between metal or wood base
  • Premium dual-density foam (in both the seat and back), for comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made with sustainable materials
  • Optional wood surrioding chair
  • Available in a variety of trendy colors and finishing options

We hope this info inspires you. As you can see, the modern, elegant Krug Sutton Soft Seating will bring your contemporary office environment a high end look. Ready to discover other quality Krug furniture pieces that are authentic to your style? Visit Manhattan Office Design!