Office interior design does make a difference in the mood and productivity of your workers. You should make your office interior work for you by adding practical and comfortable furniture, like HON’s Solve chair. This task chair will surely give a twist to your office interior design with its innovative aesthetic and its comfort-focused functionalities. Solve can complement your office with the superior quality of HON furniture dealers NY.

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Solve by HON Has Your Back

Solve has three back materials -including the Geometric ReActiv™ back and the ilira®-stretch Mesh M4 knit fabric-, plus three different ergonomic supports. For maximum customization, there’s also the optional lumbar support. Combine frames, lumbars, backs, and seats for many amazing looks. Solve’s design is highly adaptable to any body type and ergonomic needs. Solve also supports your creativity when it comes to creating a brand new office interior design, and that’s why it offers a wide variety of finishes and fabrics.

Signature Features by HON’s Solve

The Patented ReActiv™ back design guarantees constant airflow, so it keeps you cool, calm, and collected. It also provides great fit and back support, and an attractive and modern design. The ilira®-stretch Mesh is great for complementary muscular support and it comes in four different colors. This fully upholstered back option represents a softer and more relaxed feel that works with your whether from a home office or a busy collaborative area. Arm position is important too, so you can choose from fixed, arms or adjustable arms (height-and-width all-adjustable).

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