Standing desks are, apparently, a popular and hot topic in the workplace. Every discussion on the subject seems to focus on whether is good for you or not.

The damage existing on sitting all day is undeniable. But now, there might be new evidence on the effects of standing for long periods of time. Common ground? A sit to stand desk which allows users to periodically stand or sit throughout the day.

For many employees, no matter what they choose, the first obstacle to overcome is the same. How can you convince your boss to let you use (or even buy you) a standing desk?

Well, for starters, don’t focus on how but on why! Show these following reasons to your boss and you’ll be on the right path.

Four Reasons Why People Prefer Standing Desks

You will burn more calories

Sitting is killing you. One of the first benefits of using a standing desk is that you can change your posture during the day. The ability to sit or stand throughout the day will have a positive impact on your overall health. Switching during your day will help you burn more calories than only sitting down.

You will avoid and relieve pain

Pain issues due to bad posture and wrong office furniture disappear with a standing desk. When you’re standing, you’re taking off the pressure of your bottom and back. A standing desk help you prevent and relieve any sore back, neck, or legs.

You will improve blood circulation

Sitting all day is also terrible for your circulation. While you’re sitting, your body won’t have the circulation it needs so often. Standing regularly improves your circulation, diminishing blood clot risks and other related issues.

You will improve your job performance

Research on job performance has shown that standing desks users are more engaged at work. Standing desks users had better performance compared to their sitting co-workers. They also suffered less job-related fatigue, anxiety and fewer lower back issues. They had a higher overall quality of life.

So, now that you have a compelling argument for standing or adjustable desks — let’s focus on how to get you one.

How You Will Get a Standing Desk in Your Office

There are three things you need to do when trying to convince your boss to buy you a standing desk:

Focus on the benefits

Highlight the benefits discussed in this article about the standing desks. Think that you’re convincing your boss to make a big business investment. Your boss wants to know why you need a standing desk. That’s when you show him or her this article.

Come up with several options

When you pitch your standing desk idea offer several solutions and alternatives. Make sure you include different price points. If your boss can’t afford your first option, they might go for your second or third option. Use a “good, better, and best” approach when presenting your pitch.

Be proactive

Take it to the next level. Besides offering several alternatives and solutions, offer to do the legwork. Ask if you can buy the standing desk yourself and send them the invoice. Why? That way you’ll show your company that you value their time and consideration. All they’ll need is to give you the green light and you’ll take it from there.

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