If you want to add more personality and style to your Princeton Desk, this list of three instant ideas can help you give a new face to your workstation:

  1. Place photos of special moments. The photos of special moments we have had, especially if they’re with family and friends, represent constant positive stimuli to work with enthusiasm and good cheer, and add a unique value to your workstation that no other desk will be able to match. Choose beautiful and elegant frames to increase the charm of your desk.
  2. Small art samples add life and originality. Small ornamental objects are usually an amazing stamp of personality and good taste, especially when they’re in some way related to the rest of the elements of the environment and when they are samples of crafts that you’ve made with your own hands if you have those skills, or you keep them because they identify your style a lot or have some sentimental value.
  3. Choose the coffee mug that best represents you. This is not a nonsensical banality or detail. You’d be surprised to know how the mug you choose for your daily coffee can dramatically transform the look of your Princeton desk. Just go to a mug shop to see the wide variety of themes, colors, and designs that will make you hallucinate. Mugs are one of the most common methods of adding color and personality to a desk.
Princeton Desk
Source: Freepik