With Bridges II, you can save a considerable amount of space, money, and time, taking into account the clever forms this office furniture series allows you to connect from tables to benching, desking to systems in different ways. This supposes a great use of the resources, considering that the workspaces are configured according to the type of functions that the employees are going to carry out, how they’ll be organized, the frequency with which it’s necessary to modify the layout, the amount of equipment and furniture that need to be added, how the work teams will be organized, among many other important factors.

Setting up and remodeling an office area can be a synonym for very complex work and a significant expense in facilities, infrastructure, technology, and furniture replacement, an investment that you can perfectly save with a product as configurable and versatile as this one, designed to efficiently cover your business needs. The collection includes some pieces that can help you tailor the area to what you want and require, and what you can best team up with the decorative style of the place: end tables/shelving, accessory rail on laminate screens, glass screens, etc.

The solutions that Bridges II offers you are bigger than you can imagine!

Bridges II
Source: Global Total Office