One of the most important benefits that HON Empower Benching Systems brings you is the ability to arm your workstations without cluttering it with cables. Although some desktop configurations with computer equipment have enough with the facilities provided by wireless connections, many times this is not enough in modern offices, and it’s necessary to install wiring that, with an appropriate desk like this, can be very well organized. The excess of cables is one of the main causes of creating chaotic and disordered environments in which many times a very valuable space is occupied that could be used in another way.

With Empower’s technical advantages, you can find an aesthetically discreet and technically appropriate place for wiring each workstation. Besides, highly technical installations with a specific configuration are easier to transform and modify when you have the appropriate furniture for it. Empower systems allows the change of parts easily to be able to adapt them to the functions of each worker. Also, they’re easily adaptable to offer optimal privacy with screens to divide each station and make it more customizable.

The technical organization of your company’s workstations is part of the image that you want to project as an organization. See the Empower benefits and create world-class workstations.

HON Empower Benching Systems
Source: Office Insight