In the market of Home Office, the sit/stand desks are every time more demanded. They attend an important need: to alternate our position form “sit” to “stand” and this way, mitigate the risks associated with sedentarism and the prolonged sitting.  Just like Humanscale Quickstand does.

Usually, these dynamic desks are a little desk that can be lifted to a certain level, including your keyboard, mouse and pad, and some space for a notebook, for example. 

But when we work in the “up” level, the weight of our hands and our movements may be too much if the desk is thin or if it has a poor assemblage. This can be very annoying and even can make us desist of working in the “up” level. 
This doesn’t happen with the Humanscale Quickstand. This wonderful innovation consists of a height-adjustable standing desk that will instantly turn any desk with a fixed-height desk into a sit to stand one. The Humanscale Quickstand has a very steady and robust base, that holds and lifts with precision its surface. With Humanscale Quickstand your work performance is going to be the same, whether high or low. 

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