Niels Diffrient, creator of the Humanscale Freedom Chair had the opportunity of giving a talk in the famous cycle TED Talks in 2002.
The TED Talks is a series of annual conferences where outstanding experts from all over the world share their experiences and motivations that allowed them to reach their objective. TED is for Technology, Entertainment and Design. 
In its remarkable intervention of 2002 in Monterrey, California, Niels Diffrient tell us how he ended up falling in love with furniture design by falling in love first with airplanes. And by that he meant 1930s airplanes, piloted by a very handsome Cary Grant in a war movie. 
As time goes by and Difrrient became wiser, but bored with the work options he had at the moment, Diffrient takes a drastic decision: Star over, from scratch in a completely new field for him: Human Industrial Design. This was the beginning of what many people call Ergonomics, and Diffrient calls Human Factors.

And what about its role as Designer of the Humanscale Freedom Chair?

We’ll see that in the next article.
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