As we recall in the previous article, Niels Diffrient, creator of the Humanscale Freedom Chair was part of the TED Talks of 2002. Its talk was called: “Rethinking the way we sit down“.

Speaking of one of its greatest achievements, the Humanscale Freedom Chair, Diffrient makes this very interesting comments:

Don’t load so heavy your butt

It sounds funny, but its an absolute truth: Whenever we are sit, we tend to load most of our corporal weight in our butt. This is a risky situation, because due to the demands of our work, we tend to spent many hours sitting, in what is called prolonged sitting. This is potentially harmful for our internal organs (guts, stomach, kidneys, among others) receiving an disproportionate weight in a daily basis. So, what proposes Diffrient? 

Transfer your weight and you will feel better

When you recline, that amount of pressure overcharging your low-back area, gets redistributed overall your body. Only in your arms can be loaded 20% of your corporal mass, so its important to sit in a device that allows you a smarter allocation of your weight. 

That’s why Humanscale Freedom Chair is the ultimate ergonomic chair. Its self-adjustment reclining system is made to allow a quick, soft and intuitive recline posture, without the annoying presence of swivels, levels all over the chair. 

And if you are going to be reclined, the best way of doing it its with the proper tool: A chair where the act of recline is made easy and intuitive, by reading the human weight. 

Made with the latest technological manufacture advances, trust in Humanscale to get focus and relax in the ultimate office task chair. Don’t miss the chance to experience it in Manhattan Office Designs.